Sarah Elkins is a reader and writer. That's it. She is basically the same person doing the same thing she did in the fifth grade. She earned a BA in English & Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and an MFA in Poetry from Pacific University. 

When not reading and writing stuff, Sarah helps her husband run his bike shop, Hammer Cycles. 


Since 2019, Sarah has served as a member of Lewisburg, WV City Council and chair of the Parks Commission. She enjoys reading and writing (we've covered this), watching birds (coercing their participation in said fetish with an embarrassing number of birdfeeders), hiking, mountain biking, and coaching the Greenbrier Valley Youth Mountain Bike Team. 


Sarah lives in Lewisburg, WV with her husband (the aforementioned bike guy), Max; son, Tad; two dogs, Sister & Hebe; and one last goldfish, unnamed, who survived the roaming cat massacre of 2021.