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Published & Forthcoming

Bone Structure: Ponder Review, forthcoming


Suburban Taxonomy of the Moose With a Line From the Talking Heads:

Ecobloomspaces: Poetry at the Intersection of Social Identity and Nature/Environment/Place

forthcoming anthology

The Body PoliticThe Cimarron Review, forthcoming

Vitals & Membrane, The Calendula Review, June 2024


Still Life with the Same Dimple, The Shore, March 2024

Ancestry, featured on Verse Daily, February 2024 


Ancestry, Hit Them Low, & Outgrowing His Bed, Kestrel, February 2024

Brindled Night: 3rd Wednesday, Winter 2023

False SpringCold Mountain Review, Winter 2023

Birthing and From the Tall GrassPainted Bride Quarterly, Spring 2023

Shoot: Hiram Poetry Review, Spring 2023

In Lieu of a Grand Theory: West Trestle Review, May 2023

Refusal: The Baltimore Review, May 2023

I Laugh and Laugh: SWWIM, April 2023


Vote Count: Porter House Review, October 2022


Water Tension: Quarterly West, Spring 2022, finalist in the 2021 Quarterly West Poetry Contest

Body English  & Interview: Rappahannock Review, December 2021

Keeping Time & No One Gives a Flood a Name: Passengers Journal, September 2021


Going Home: The Shore, Spring 2021


Bow Season, Antique Cabin, & Of the Ones Not Afraid: Red Eft Review, January 2021

Driving Home: Rust + Moth, Autumn 2020

A Conversation on Space, Time and Faith in Merritt’s "View from Blue-Jade Mountain": Kestrel, Summer 2019

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