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Lazer Lloyd: What a little time and space affords a man

I’m hanging out on a teal, art deco couch near the stage in the Lee Street Listening Room. Lazer Lloyd is sound checking; he’s really happy with the sound of the room and asks if there’s time for him to shoot a couple videos.

There’s time.

Lazer is in a clean, white t-shirt, faded jeans and sandals. On his head, a wide-brimmed fedora beneath which salt-and-pepper sidelocks blend with his long beard. He speaks with a laid-back amble. There’s no reason to rush to the end of a thought. But, don’t confuse laid-back with unopinionated. When his manager, Yo Seidman, begins shooting video, capturing that nice sound, Lazer stops mid-song.

“What are you doing?” he insists. He wants the video shot in a particular way, one continuous shot. He doesn’t want different angles spliced together later. This is, I think, an ongoing debate unlikely to be settled tonight, and likely to be resumed tomorrow at the next gig, good sound permitting.

It’s Wednesday evening in Lewisburg, WV, a tough night to fill a room, but a dozen or so people come out. Most are locals who know Lee Street Listening Room is the best place for an intimate and uncommon show. One guy, Brian, a die-hard Lazer fan, has driven nearly 2 hours from Roanoke, VA. Most performers don’t mind the smaller crowd of the Listening Room because the trade off is an audience so rapt a pin wouldn’t dar