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It's not an arms race agreement

Today I finished a press release for a client and sent it to her for approval. I followed up with a phone call a couple hours later asking her to take a look because I wanted it to get out the door by deadline. "Or," I said, "if you trust me, I'll just send it."

Within the hour I had a text: "Complete trust. It's not an arms race agreement."

I laughed and thought, now, that's a perfect client. First, that she trusts me to do quality work, and, second, that she doesn't worry about the small stuff.

For some clients, everything is an arms race agreement. Today it occurred to me, that's a good indication there isn't enough trust. I can do one of two things: build trust or let the client find the right fit with another marketer. Either option is totally okay.

I think I've been reading too many Seth Godin blogs. Sorry, Seth.

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