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The Lewisburg Chocolate Festival celebrates 12 years of sweet success

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread

For most people, the month of April heralds the first daffodils of the season and the promise of warmer weather. In Lewisburg April means chocolate, lots of chocolate. Saturday, April 14th marked the 12th Annual Lewisburg Chocolate Festival, and, once again, Lewisburg showed why it ranks on national lists as a top festival destination.

This year, the weather, which can sometimes make or break the early-spring festival, was sunny and warm, the sort of day that beckons locals and tourists alike to the streets. Festival organizers estimate the crowd size at close to 5,000 people. Tasting tickets sold out Saturday morning before the official start time of the event.

In total, 36,535 tasting tickets were sold, equating to $36,535 in ticket sales. Visitors wandered among the 37 tasting locations that stretched to every corner of historic downtown Lewisburg. Chocolate and confection companies, local businesses, and non-profits served 35,800 individual tastings.

Some tastings, like the Wild Bean Coffee Shop’s espresso brownies, have become popular mainstays of the festival.